Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cheating exposed on Absolute Poker!

Hello everyone,

I just read an interesting story about cheating on Absolute Poker ( Apparently, one of the part-owners of Absolute Poker had a super account that was developed during beta testing which allowed him to see the other players hole cards. He played on a high stakes table and was caught cheating when another player became suspicious and obtained a card history. The card history included the ip address of one of the owners of the site, Scott Tom. Normally they don't include the ip addresses with the card history which raises the possibility of a whistle blower within the company (Absolute Poker). I've just recently posted the Absolute Poker replays on another posting on my site. I personally have watched them and cannot recall seeing a single hand in which he called when he had the worst hand. The player's name who is alleged to be an insider cheating on the site is POTRIPPER.

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