Saturday, October 27, 2007

Poker Hand Nicknames

AA Rockets; Bullets; American Airlines
KK Cowboys
QQ Canadian Aces;
JJ Fishhooks; hooks
88 Snowmen
77 Sunset Strip
66 Route 66
55 Presto; Speed Limit
44 Canadian Presto
33 Crabs
22 Ducks
AK Big Slick
AQ Big Chick
KQsuited Marriage
KQoffsuit Mixed Marriage
KJ Kojak
K9 Fido
Q7 Computer hand
Q3 Gay Waiter (queen with a tray)
J5 Motown; Jackson Five
T8 Golden Dan
T5 Five and Dime
T4 Broderick Crawford; Convoy; Good Buddy
T2 Texas Doll
98 Oldsmobile
95 Dolly Parton
83 Most feared hand in Holdem
7T Split
76 Union Oil

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