Thursday, March 20, 2008

Everything you own in the box to the left!

Lol, here's a couple deep thoughts from Jack Handy....

1. In a SNG 6, the most important thing you need to learn first is how aggressive the player to your left is. If you have a super tight player on your left, you can make min bet out of position on flop if it is SB vs BB and rob the guy all day long. Of course, you have to randomize your bluffing frequency. At least you know that more than half the time, he won't have paired two upaired hole cards, so go crazy bluffing (min bet when blinds are big). If he calls or re-raises, you can be pretty darn sure that you're beat!

2. Ftilt vs PS? I started off playing mostly on PS. Ftilt is much harder to do well on I find. It's not really because the players are any better. Rather, everyone on ftilt thinks their guys hansen and play accordingly. People play so aggressively that it increases the variance to the point that you either are running good or not. I dunno how many times I've pushed back with a marginal hand that were still way ahead like flop of 9/q/9 (rainbow) where I have like kq to watch a guy with AK suited re-raise all in. Then the same runners that seem to hit for gus come running in from nowhere to save him (spade/spade for nut flush backdoor). Or you have a hand like KQs vs K10o and flop is like K47 rainbow. And the guy with K10 raises UTG pretty big on your bb. Then he moves all in on the flop. You know he's a donk so you call with your pair of KK/Q kicker only to see his cards turn. You breathe a quick sigh of relief when you see his dominated hand. Then the river comes to his rescue and pairs his ten and you "stand up."

Lol, yeah so I find on Ftilt, there are much more players that are willing to play any two cards and I am constantly forced into all-in situations where I have to fold to naked bluffs or make the call and watch my hand crack.

3. If you have a hand like Ak, the conventional play is to make a 3-5x bb raise. Then, if you miss the flop you make a 1/2 to 2/3 pot sized continuation bet. On Ftilt, this play seems to be disasterous. If you raise with AK 3-5xbb, you will always get a caller who has any two cards. If you miss the flop and check, he will bet enough that you pretty much have to fold. If you make a continuation bet, he will push back all in and now you lose your preflop raise and your cb. In comparison, on PS, this play will be profitable more often than not.

Oh well, gl on the felt everyone!

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