Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sit n Go Six players

I am not quite sure why, but the SNG six is one of my favorite SNG formats. I think I prefer it over the SNG 9 because you have a better chance to win if you can outplay your opponents. In the SNG 9, there's that critical period where the blinds spike and you either win a race and make the bubble or lose one and you're out. After that, you find yourself either with a massage chip lead and you usually win or you have a huge deficit and you're usually dead.

The SNG six has a more reliable chance of providing a player with a fairly even head's up match. Table dynamics at the SNG six are also more important. IMO, the ideal table has 2 maniacs, 1 calling station, and one super tight/weak player. You use the calling station to pay off your strong hands, rob the tight/weak player and let the 2 maniacs kill eachother. The calling station has the potential to cripple either maniac and each maniac has the potential to knock eachother out.

If you're unlucky, you will be seated at a table with five maniacs. In this worst case scenario, you're basically going to have to play good cards and hope they hold. If you're really lucky, you will be seated with 5 tight/weak players and you can rob them all blind. The other second worst case scenario is being seated with 5 calling stations as this also leaves you stuck waiting for good hands/cards.

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